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Daqing carbon cleaner company development history

In 1998, the founder of Daqing, Xiao Jialin, began to work on the research and development of automotive hydrogen and oxygen carbon cleaning machines.

In 2003 year, The founder of Daqing has developed the first set HHO carbon cleaning machine in Changsha,China.

In 2009 year, founded Pingxiang Sitong Environment Protection Co.,Ltd., that is Pingxiang Daqing Import and Export Co.

From 2009-2014 year, we had got 18 patents in HHO carbon cleaning machine filed.

In 2015 year, Daqing carbon cleaning machine in China reached 50% market share.

From 2016-2019 year, our machine shipped to more than 20 countries and regions, and total sold more than 2000 sets.

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Add: No. 6, Antai North Road, East Area Of Pingxiang Economic And Technological Development Zone, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, China